With 28 years of experience, Sunline Global has created a name for itself in the transportation industry, specializing in flatbed. Our fleet plays a critical role in supporting, stabilizing, and contributing to the growth of North America's economy by transporting a wide range of goods to various industries and supply chains. North America boasts a thriving construction and infrastructure sector, and our company is vital in supporting its development. Without our highly skilled and professional drivers, the construction, cooling, and powering of our homes, offices or cities would not be possible! Sunline has a personal mission to help North America thrive and maintain its status as a place we proudly call home. Our unwavering commitment to safety, expertise in flatbed transportation, and efficient operations enable our fleet to go the extra mile and drive positive change in North America

Aluminum & Steel Coils

Sunline offers top-quality transportation services for hauling aluminum and steel coils. These coils play a vital role in supporting North America'seconomy in various industries such as manufacturing, construction and energy. They are an essential raw material used to create automobiles  airplanes, appliances, buildings, bridges, and even power transmission towers to contribute to the sustainability of North America's energy sources!

Join us and let's build North America together.


Transformers are instrumental in enhancing North America's infrastructure. They play the important role of transmitting electricity to power our cities and homes! Transformers contribute to grid stability, renewable energy integration, industrial applications, emergency response, economic growth, and overall well-being of communities across the region. Sunline is grateful to be apart of such an essential process!

Join us and let's power North America together.


There are numerous benefits electrodes help to improve our quality of life. They are used in fossil fuel power plants, nuclear power plants and renewable energy systems such as solar panels and wind turbines. Electrodes also play an essential role in our transportation industry specifically for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Lastly, they contribute in the growth of processes such as electroplating, metal extraction and electrolysis which are used in our manufacturing, electronic, automotive and aerospace industries!

Join us and let's energize North America together.

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